Let’s start with the items needed for an Orthodox burial. Below, you will find examples of the items needed for a funeral and burial within the Orthodox Church and the links where you can purchase them. These are just a few examples of where you can purchase these items, but there are many more monasteries and online shops that are not listed below. Since we all will die, there is no need to wait for our physical death to purchase the items our loved ones will need to bury us. If you have the space, why not incorporate your future coffin in your icon corner by building some removable shelves (see picture below for example)?

Resources on Orthodox funerals



  1. A Christian Ending to Our Lives: 7 part lecture series by Fr. Josiah Trenham https://patristicnectar.org/bookstore_121201_1


  1. Youtube playlist with a collection of various videos of church fathers and deacons on the subject of Orthodox burial and funeral practices: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcbMY10YZfheJ5-GEYHkbdNSIeoWYiJRV

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